my philosophy on various genres


The old saying every picture paints a thousand words is even more true when it comes to wedding photography. I don't just 'take' a photograph, I wait, camera poised, for the perfect moment to arrive. I seem to have an uncanny knack of knowing when that moment will be, and as a result, my photos capture the true emotion of the moment - the tears of joy, the laughter, the sheer beauty of your special day. It really is true ‘reportage’ photography. But having said that, every single image that you receive, is individually processed by me, just like in the days of 35mm film. This means that the end result is proper finished images, and not just the files straight out of the camera that some photographers give you.

I care passionately about every couple and every wedding I shoot. Each one is different, and it’s my job is to capture that difference beautifully, artistically and creatively and produce a unique collection of images that you’ll fall in love with. Images that are beautifully simple, and simply beautiful. That’s why there are no standard poses, no set routines, no fake or engineered moments of people jumping in the air for no apparent reason and no copies of another couples wedding. Your photographs will be completely different to anyone else’s, just as your wedding will be, and just as they should be. After all, how can you set common rules for something that is completely unique?

However, the one thing that is the same with all weddings though, is that I’m with you from morning till night, nothing is excluded - the whole day is yours. Some photographers limit the number of hours they are with you. I don’t. So many wonderful moments happen outside of ‘normal’ hours. I want to be there to capture them for you, otherwise I wouldn’t feel that I’d done my job properly.

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Coming from a graphic design background I’m well aware that commercial photography really only has two important elements. The first is taking the time to understand exactly what a client wants to achieve. The second is providing imaginative images that fulfil those requirements completely.

That’s it.


There are occasions when it's time to let your imagination run wild and to forget established conventions and rules about how people should be photographed and to experiment on the fringe.

Well, that's the stuffy, artistic reason for these kind of shots but as accurate as it is, the main reason I love this kind of work is because I want to have fun!


Apparently relaxed studio pictures of you or your children lying on the floor against a white background in the currently fashionable format can look great - and of course, we can shoot them.

But personally, I 'd much rather take authentically informal photographs of you and your family walking in the woods, paddling in the sea or at home in your own environment.

That way the images I get will be of the real you and your genuine character and not of a profile that's been designed for you.


There really is no difference between photographing animals and humans either on location or in the studio.

Some are more beautiful than others, some are old, some young - but all of them have unique characters and that’s what I’m really trying to capture.

But only if the experience is fun, completely stress free and the subject is given a chance to really be themselves will I be able to do that.