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Shropshire's Official Restaurant Photographer?

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Over the last few years I've photographed the venue and/or food at most of the restaurants in and around Shrewsbury, including Drapers Hall Restaurant, The Lion + Pheasant, The Boat House, Cromwells, The Lion Hotel, The Smoke House, La Dolce Vita, Camellias, The Hayward Restaurant, The Prince Rupert Hotel, House of the Rising Sun, Henry Tudor House, The Masala, Barkworths Seafood, The Royalist, and The Pound at Leebotwood to name a few and it's always rewarding to see my photographs all over the place on web sites and publications! I've recently been commissioned to photograph The Loopy Shrew and Porter House restaurants. Beginning to think that I've unwittingly become Shrewsbury's and Shropshire's official restaurant photographer! Loving it! :-)

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